Frequently Asked Questions

I Need More Bunting Than Is Listed?
If you need more bunting than listed, please email us ( giving the following information;
- which bunting style
- how many metres are needed
- what date it would need to be delivered by
- which county the order would be delivered to
We can often increase the stock level or give you a date when we expect the bunting to be back in stock.

Where Do You Deliver To?
We deliver to the UK, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.
We are unable to offer International delivery.

Can You Make The Bunting As A Continuous Length?
We can make your bunting to any length or combination of lengths.
For ease of making and packing, the maximum length recommended is 20m.
Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

Standard orders are sent out as separate lengths unless otherwise advised.
For example: if you order 3 x 5 metres you will be sent three separate 5 metre lengths.

Do You Do Custom Orders?
As we make to order, we can make to your individual requirements;
- longer lengths
- combination of different lengths
- smaller or longer gaps between flags
- mix and match fabrics
(We are unable to change the actual size of the flags. See listings for flag sizes).

We may be able to source fabrics for the colour scheme you require, if we do not have them in stock.

Our bunting design service is free however, if fabrics are sourced which are not in our usual stock or bunting is made with smaller gaps than our standard bunting style, prices for the final bunting design may differ from those in our listings.

Do You Offer Samples Of Bunting Fabric, Ribbons Or Tapes?
Dyes lots can vary and colours may appear different on different screens.
If you would like a free sample of fabrics, tape or ribbons, please contact us by email or phone with your name, address and roughly how many metres of bunting you may like to order. The fabric samples will be sent by first class post with 2 working days. Fabric will be kept available for seven working days.

How Should I Care For My 'MadMudskipper' Bunting?

Our bunting is re-usable.
On receipt of your bunting - please remove the bunting from the packaging. Keep the bunting folded concertina-fashion and smooth out the flags.
If there has been any creasing in transit, the flags can be ironed carefully on a low temperature setting for synthetic fabrics. Iron towards the point of the flag.

During use - recommended for indoor use. Do not use outside in windy or wet conditions. If fabrics become wet, colours could transfer to other surfaces. Wind may fray the cut edges of the flags. Strong sunshine may fade colours.
After use - Check the bunting flags and tape/ribbon are clean and dry. Refold the tape/ribbon concertina-fashion and store flat.
Machine or hand-washing is NOT recommended as dark colours can run and cut edges can fray. Small marks can be spot-cleaned cleaned with soap and water. Do not immerse the bunting in water.

Bunting is not a toy — please hang out of reach of young children.

How Would You Recommend Cleaning My 'MadMudskipper' Bunting?
Single-sided bunting - spot cleaning only as washing will cause cut edges to fray.
Double-sided bunting - dry-cleaning recommended.

* Please be aware some fabrics can mark with water.

Loyalty Points
'MadMudskipper' uses a loyalty point scheme to thank our customers who create an account and place repeat orders. Loyalty points can then be redeemed as discount on future orders.

(Loyalty points may not available when checking out as a 'guest' where creating an account is not needed).

For every £1.00 spent (excludes shipping cost), you will be given 1 loyalty point which is worth 0.02p which can be redeemed against future orders. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

The following terms and conditions apply.
1.   Receive one loyalty point for every £1.00 spent on 'MadMudskipper' bunting.

2.   Each loyalty point is worth the equivalent of 0.02p.
3.   Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash but can be used to obtain discount on a future order.
      Discount will be applied at checkout.

4.   Loyalty points are not available on delivery/postage and packaging charges.
5.   Loyalty points can be redeemed after 1 or more points have been collected.
6.   Loyalty points will be awarded when the order has been marked as 'completed' after dispatch.

7.   Loyalty points are valid for 12 months.
      When a new order is placed, the total amount of unredeemed points awarded will be renewed for a 12 further months.

8.   Points will not be awarded for orders which are marked 'cancelled', 'failed', 'declined' or 'refunded'.
9 .  'MadMudskipper' reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and/or terminate the loyalty points scheme at any point without prior warning.

01/5/2011 - value 0.01p
06/8/2012 - value 0.03p (Promotion)

15/5/2016 - value 0.02p